Our Partner Institutions

Minkowski Institute

The Herrmann Mikowski Institute for Foundational Studies unites the efforts of active scientists to foster the emergence of novel ideas and actively participates in physics research. One of the main goals of the Minkowski Institute is to encourage younger generations to pursue scientific carreers, while at the same time it values science-backed methodology and creativity in research just as much as I.C.A.P.E. does. With its entailed scholarly press, the Minkowski Institute offers a valuable platform for scientists to share their research. We are proud to have found a partner in the STEM sciences that aligns so well with our perception, that science and education is the cornerstone of our civilization's future. 

Service de Recherche Pédagogique

SRP Inc., a Canadian educational entity, is focused on providing knowledge in mechanics and physics to learners, as well as combating literacy issues in infants, thereby specifically engaging in neuroscientific discourse and employing knowledge from neurolinguistics for a better language education and the promotion of bilingualism in infants. 

General Science Journal 

The editorial journal GSJ is home to many scientific papers of virtually any scientific field, including philosophy. Published in multiple languages, and providing an entailed forum for peer discussion, it contributes to the academic discourse of a number of scholarly areas, with contributions of many authors, some of which have eventually culminated in published book projects. 

Language Connects Foundation

The LCF, a foundation that belongs to ACTFL, engages in numerous scholarly activities revolving around language promotion, language education, adult and teacher training, scholarships and much more. As an NPO, just like I.C.A.P.E., it is dedicating its efforts to an effective promotion of language in order to shape a better tomorrow. As a partner of Klett World Languages, Middlebury Language Schools and Vista Higher Learning, and daughter of prestigious ACTFL, it is well-connected and makes a large positive impact in the world of language proficiency and literacy. 

Zentrum für Medienpsychologie und Verhaltensforschung

The Center for Media Psychology and Behavioral Research is a spcialized entity focusing on the socio-psychological effects of modern digital and social media, particularly in the light of practices associated with data economy. The research center is specialized in the synthesis of contemporary findings on the many detrimental effects of modern-day media and sheds a light on how and why big data companies have economic interests that collide with ethical architecture of social media. 

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